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Oh… It’s coming!

Brace yourself, the day of the month will be here any moment now.

Yes, AF it is.

I hate it because it gives me super-big-appetite at the most silliest time of all. I hate it because it tests my patience, A LOT.

Le husband and I decided to eat clean and healthily. When he was away, there was a sudden craving to eat Curry Maggi for no reason. That day, I drank a lot of water, ate grilled fish and veggies, and went to bed. Only that, I could not close my eyes to sleep and seemed like my tummy was playing its native song while giving signal to my brain to cook Maggi in the middle of the night. Oh much worse, I remembered I had a sambal given by my neighbour who sells it online. Trust me, it's deliciously hot that you would want to eat it again and again.

That night, it took me 2 long hours to fall asleep. I didn't give in. I'd rather listening the rumbling sounds of my tummy instead of slurping the Maggi down my throat. No, I would not.

The next morning, what a such good day. I gave in. I ATE CURRY MAGGI AS MY BREAKFAST. I just could not resist the temptation that I held the whole night…

Malaysians do know very well what is Maggi. It's a known instant noodle in Malaysia alongside other brands as well. But if it is curry, it goes well only with Maggi. Slurp!

The sambal is called as The Ultimate Sambal Amra. You may check the Instagram account Hazs.Kitchen and try this delicious sambal!

P/s : This is definitely not a healthy food post. When you crave for this kind of food, you just have to eat it by any means. #lifeofawoman



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