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Adam Got Hospitalised! Part II

Hooray! Two posts in a day! I just had to post the second part as soon as possible while I could still remember every tiny little details.

So, we got back to KL finally. We didn’t have any rest at home, I tell you. I didn’t have the time to unpack our luggages. The day we arrived, we ate dinner together, then off to bed. The next day, husband had to work, and I sent Adam to his daycare after almost a month of holiday. The day after, we had to go to Seremban to visit my in-laws and for my monthly check up at Columbia Asia Hospital. The next day after, was the wedding of le husband’s cousin in Putrajaya. Indeed, no rest for us. Two hectic days – le husband’s two off days were filled with activities. Husband started working again that Sunday. He was tired, but he had to go to work somehow.

On Monday, le husband was still away. So, I sent Adam to his daycare as usual. Only that afternoon before I fetched him, I heard the sound of lawnmower but louder as if it was a big lawnmower. It got nearer and nearer. Oh crap! I recognized that sound. It was the fogging sound! I quickly ran downstairs and picked up the blanket hanged at the front gate before the fogging got any closer. I closed every windows and door as tight as possible. By the time I did those, the fogging arrived just right at the front door. I held my breath for a while. Trust me, I was inside the house, and yet my nose could still smell the fogging spray from the outside.

Oh no! Adam! His daycare was just behind our house. I waited for the air to be a bit clearer before running outside and started the car to fetch Adam. I was afraid if I got there too late, and by the time I got Adam, he was exposed to the fogging air. Note : it’s harmless to breathe in the fogging air I guess. Just me, being pregnant (wait, what?!) and Adam who was still young and fragile, I would not take the risk.

Just as I expected. The fogging had arrived just by the road opposite of Adam’s daycare. Again, I held my breath, hoping the caretaker to pass Adam to me as fast as lightning, and quickly ran to the car.

That was about the fogging thingy…

That night, again, I felt a bit of heat whenever I touched Adam. He was a bit cranky and clingy, wanted to sit and lie beside me all the time. It wasn’t that high yet, but the temperature was there. I fed him – he ate. I gave him milk – he drank it all. So, no biggie, I guess. Only that night, I gave him warm bath. Le husband got home early morning, and when he kissed us goodnight (or good morning?), I felt Adam started to have a fever. Immediately I took off his clothes, and sponged him a bit since he was in a deep sleep.

That morning while le husband was still asleep, Adam woke up being active and happy as always. So I was expecting him to be okay afterwards. A few hours later, a few of KKM officers rang the bell to get a few information about us and to tell us that there was a dengue case reported and the victim in our neighbourhood was just behind our house. I was like, oh nooo! They asked if there was anyone being sick in our house, and I pointed to Adam who was running outside wearing only his diaper. He was sick, duhh. No need to be in a fancy suit when you are sick. Lol! So technically, that Tuesday, was Adam’s second day of fever. I counted Monday as the first day.

Ever since he started his daycare, he often got feverish now and then. I understood that I cannot be a fussy mother blaming other parents for sending their sick kids to the daycare because they didn’t want to get any days off taking care of their kids at home. Just sometimes it pissed me off whenever I saw kids or babies with runny nose sharing their bottles or tablewares with other kids. I was like, didn’t this kid was sick too last week and the week before? My oh my…

Okay, back to Adam. He was actively fine despite some temperature that day. Le husband was not worried at first, I was not worried. We hoped that this viral fever he got from the daycare would be gone as it should be the next day. Oh, we didn’t send him to the daycare that day. Little did we know, that Monday was going to be Adam’s last day at that daycare.

Le husband was a bit hesitated to go to work the next day, afraid if Adam could have gotten worse. I told him not to worry. We made sure every meds were there, everything was almost perfect before le husband leaving for work again the next day. Incase anything happened, le husband reminded me to call my in-laws for any emergency.

That Wednesday, Adam didn’t seem to get any better. I had been nonstop sponging his body every 5 minutes, tried offering him water every now and then, but he only got cranky and fussed a lot. Later that day, he started to shiver and crying being uncomfortable. I barely could do anything or even eat at all that day. I was about to clean his bum when he said he pooped, only then I realized there were some kind of mottling all over his body – the kind that I had never seen before! I panicked. Okay, did I say when I panicked, I knew Adam wasn’t well? Again, motherly instincts!

I rang le husband’s cousin who was a paediatrician, and sent him all the pictures related and told him about Adam’s condition. One of his questions was, “Do you have any dengue case around your neighbourhood?” I stunned and immediately answered, “YES!”

He suspected Adam to have dengue and told me to go to the hospital right away. Oh God! I called my SIL and asked them if they could fetch me since Adam wouldn’t let me do anything nor drive a car! They rushed all the way from Seremban to help me with Adam, and once they arrived, was the only time I could pack things up. Oh, I decided to sleepover at their place that night since Columbia Asia was just less than 2km from their place. Why I prefer Columbia Asia? Because I could refer Adam directly to his paediatrician from the ER. Only that, it was 6pm, so his paediatrician was not around.

That day, it was a public holiday, hence the long queue we had to wait at the ER that evening. Once it was our turn, I explained everything to the MO, in medical terms I tell you. I wanted to be a doctor but I sucked both in Chemist and Physics, so dream on girl. Lol! Pity Adam, his body temperature was 40.1 degree Celcius. However, I wasn’t expecting much from the MO. Based from my own experience, when Adam had his bacterial fever, they said it was only viral fever, and he was fine. Until I flew to Miri, and met Dr Chen of MCMC that he diagnosed Adam from having throat infection.

As I expected, the MO (2 MOs btw. They changed shift!) said Adam was having a viral fever. They did blood test on him too, and said nothing unusual from the blood test and released us home. Mehhhh… Only that the doctor reminded if the fever persists, come again to the hospital and be referred to Dr Chin (Adam’s paediatrician). Aye aye Doc! That was what I had in mind. We got home, and did all the sponging all over his body again that night. Sleepless nights I tell you.

Well, that was the sick boy there with his no-one-can-touch-my-pricked-finger in the air. Lol! They took his blood only by finger prick. He cried, for sure. Only I was able to distract him from the pain by asking him the sound of the animals.

Me : How does a lion makes sound?

Adam : *crying* roarrrrrrr! *continue crying*

Me : How does a sheep makes sound?

Adam : *still crying* baa baa baa *continue crying*

Me : How does a chicken makes sound?

Adam : *crying* no moreeee! *crying all the way*

Well, at least he got distracted a few seconds. Hihihi

The next day, we tried giving him meds in syrup instead of the suppositories since his fever didn’t get any better. It was a total failure. He puked all over the floor. Only that day, he started to refuse any food or water, or even milk. He drank his milk in every 12 hours or more, and that was not good. That night his temperature spiked to 40 again, I had to use the high dose of suppositories to make him better again. My MIL wanted to take him to a clinic where he could get IV drip just to get him hydrated. I was like, urmmmm.. I just wanted to wait for the next day so that we could see his paediatrician right away. Since he was fine after being given the high dose of suppositories, so we all slept soundly that night.

The next day…

We brought him to see his paediatrician. He was still feverish – vomiting – dehydrated – refusing his meds obviously! Dr Chin was a bit worried looking at Adam’s condition. He was definitely very weak, very dehydrated. And the doctor wanted him to be Hospitalised right away since he couldn’t check Adam’s ear for any infection, and Adam’s throat was a bit red due to dehydration and not to mention the mottling that occurred again.

There was the boy who cried again from being inserted the branula by the doctor. Only this time, Dr Chin was a pro that he got it right in one shot. He was curious why did Adam’s hand had the branula marks, and when I told him the ER MO in Miri dripped him at the ER, he was shocked and said they shouldn’t do that. Once you put the IV drip, you had to be on it for a few days until you get better ohhh.. said Dr Chin while inserting the branula in Adam’s arm. Sorry Doc, I didn’t know that before. Huhuhu

Oh, me being pregnant, and having a toddler who cling to me, I couldn’t walk around here and there waiting to be admitted, that my SIL suggested she pushed me and Adam on a wheelchair. Bright idea!

Adam had to be admitted into the transit room with a few of other kids before getting our own room. And later that day, le husband arrived from work. And there he was, tasting Adam’s food wondering why he didn’t want to eat. Lol! Adam was put on IV drip and antibiotics every 8 hours (I guess). That night, le husband volunteered to be on daddy duty.

From Friday, to Saturday, to Sunday. Even Adam was put on antibiotics, he kept on having his fever. They even gave him PCM syrup (wow!) and sometimes suppositories when the fever was high. The doctor decided to check on his blood again for the third time. Only that Sunday, the blood test result shown that Adam had virus attacked, instead of infections, and it even affected his liver, now that was serious. I was damn worried. That day, I was the whole day caretaker since le husband was really tired. Little did we know, le husband got infected afterwards.

Dr Chin the prescribed antivirus to be given orally to Adam. Since Friday, there was only one nurse who were able to give Adam oral meds. The rest of the nurses, they failed. So I had no idea how were we going to be able to get him to swallow the meds if that particular nurse wasn’t around. Later that day, we finally got our own private room. Adam was happy being around kids at that transit room, just that, every kids started to be discharged, and Adam was left alone, so we decided to just change to another room.

In this big room, we finally felt at home. I could just took off my tudung anytime I want, and Dr Chin was being very polite to knock the door and asked first if I was ready with my tudung before he came it.

And oh, the antivirus thingy. Our first attempt was to put inside his milk – failed. He drank a bit, then he refused his milk. Second attempt again in his milk but by using a syringe – failed. He vomited all of the milk, I guess only some were able to get into his body. However, he was showing good progress despite it was a slow one. His platelets started to increase slowly, no longer having fever, and yeap, definitely it was a virus attack. Once I saw his good condition only by little intake of the meds, I was determined to get him the rest of the meds! Chaiyok chaiyok!

Third attempt, I told the nurse to mix it in chocolate milk if possible in a syringe. Guess what? I made it! Why me? Because that nurse gave me the syringe for me to feed him instead of her helping me doing so. Pfffft… and Adam finally got better!

The doctor finally discharged him on Tuesday after seeing his good progress. And we still had two more doses of the antivirus to be given at home. But, at least by then I already knew the trick. Chocolate milk it was!

He finally got his branula out, and able to walk around freely and actively now. Alhamdulillah, up until today, it has been a month since his last fever and hospitalisation. Not to mention how Dr Chin scolded me not to send Adam to that daycare anymore. Lol! But I highly recommend Dr Chin from Columbia Asia Seremban as a paediatrician. Our neighbour recommended him to us that we decided to change our paediatrician when Adam was around 4 months old.

Yes, I am taking care of this little boy at home on my own currently despite of me being always tired. Thanks to le husband for always helping out when he was around. Hihi

Till the next post!




3 thoughts on “Adam Got Hospitalised! Part II

  1. Sorry its TLDR he he. So you son kenapa, ada high white blood count? Your sons skin tu, looks like Mottled Skin (Mottling). My son akan jadi macam tu if suhu dia too hot, so we mandikan dia and keep sponging. How old is Adam now? So at the end doctor bagi drip Antibiotic?


    1. The WBC was normal. Cuma platelets je mendadak turun in the 5th day of fever. Yes the mottling skin tu because he was too dehydrated and the fever was too high. Reached 40.5 the highest. We did mandikan dia every 30 minutes and sponging, nothing worked. Since it was more than 3 days of fever, then we went to see his paed. Antibiotic pun doctor bagi but to no avail because it was because of infection. Turned out dia kena virus attack. After been given antivirus baru he got better.


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