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Offspring Natural

Diaper here, diaper there
Which one is best for baby bear?

Oh it rhymes!

Ever since Adam was born, he only wears Mamy Poko.From the size of a newborn to the size of medium, later changed to the pants diaper, and up until now, he is still using Mamy Poko. Many Poko standard, extra soft, extra dry, 10 hours of dryness and so on, you name it…

Just a couple of months ago he had severe diarrhoea due to change of his formula, and he had a bad diaper rash. Of course when there's a rash, the diaper needs to be changed much more often – as often as one diaper after he pees. Like whoahhh, that's pretty much expensive. Normal days, he only needs at least 5 diapers. Diaper rash + diarrhoea day = 5×2 or maybe even more? My goodness. It happened before the payday, so you know the struggle. Ever since that day, we bought one pack of Drypers brand in hand. At least, it isn't that expensive compare to Mamy Poko. I wouldn't feel how wasting it is to wear a new diaper an hour before his bedtime just because he just pooped himself. Now I know what people means by the need to have at least one cheap and one expensive diaper brand in hand at home.

Only recently, I've realised a few people posting about this one particular diaper brand, one thing that caught my attention was, loookkkk at the colours, they're so pure! Uhh? What does that even mean?

It took me a fortnight to convince le husband to try that diaper brand. I told him that it uses all natural products, it's soft (I've never even touched it before! Lol!), and it is as expensive as Mamy Poko (le husband is a big fan of Mamy Poko, I tell you). The good thing is, there's a trial pack! Hoo-ray! I am soooo in love with the printed fashion diaper, but it does not come in the type of pants. Adam has been using the pants diaper ever since he was 6 months. But anyhow, I don't mind a little struggle during nappy time by looking at those cute printed fashion diaper. Hehehehe…

So it seems, I ordered a trial pack of the fashion diaper. Sorry husband, I just can't. They're soooo cute! And yesterday, the bell rang. Ting-tong-ting-tong!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Offspring Natural.

Ikr… cute!

Adam even tried to pet the cats on his diapers this morning. Lol!!

The fashion diaper trial pack has 6 fashion diapers, and two 20 counts natural based baby wipes. These all costs about RM20! (Dependable on the delivery area).

Honest review : I (not Adam the wearer) LOVE it so much. Plenty of reasons so far.

1. It doesn't leak. The last time I've decided to change the tape diaper to pants diaper not only because of the nappy time struggle, but every time Adam has a blow out, the poops goes all the way up to his shirt at the back. Mind me, I was using the Mamy Poko extra dry at that time. In this diaper, he had pooped twice (one so massive, and the other was a bit hard), and it didn't go all the way up or out of the diaper.

2. Adam hasn't night-weaned yet. So, he still drinks twice at night and still pees a lot at night, — but not as much as when he was 6 months and below. We haven't changed his diaper at night for quite a while now. Once he gets up, it's a chop chop, bath time right away and the diaper definitely was heavy. Mamy Poko pants diaper as I realised are made of gels. When it absorbs the urine, it becomes heavy and heavy. Last night, was the first trial for the fashion diaper at nighttime, was indeed impressive. The diaper didn't leak, and the first thing I realised was, it was not as heavy as the Mamy Poko's when Adam wakes up. It seems like there could be some space for him to pee some more. Lol!

3. The cuteness of the diaper. Look can be deceiving, but this diaper ain't one. Adam even tried to pet the cats on the diaper once he realised there were cats on it! I feel so sayang to even use the diaper because of the beautiful printed animals on it.

The thing is, Adam doesn't seems to be comfortable in it. It has been a looonggg while since he last wears a tape diaper. He kept on trying to pull the tape off, which means I have to make sure he has his pants on. I keep on doing cute face to him saying, "This is a cute diaper right? You love the cats don't you? You are comfortable aren't you? You feel itchy? Ohh, it's just a mosquito bite, my dear. Don't blame the diaper. The diaper is fine. You want to be a fashionista? Then this is the right fashion diaper for you!" -______-'

I know. I know.

He's the wearer, not me. It's all about his comfort, not my eyes' comforts.

Anyhow, I've ordered another trial pack from the Offspring Natural. It's featherlite ultra-thin training pants. Yes, I haven't give up yet. Perhaps Adam was just uncomfortable because it was a tape diaper. Lets try the diaper pants now! If he feels comfy in the diaper pants, then boo-hoo you Adam. The diaper pants has no designs on it, it's just plain white diaper pants. No more cuteness. Hmmm..

For those, who wanted to try these cute diapers, you may check out their websites – Offspring Natural. You can't get these diapers from any stores as of now, they're still selling it online in bundles (oh myyy, so exclusive!).

Till next time.

P/s : it's my first time doing flatlay photography, so please don't mind the diapers pictures aren't that perfect. (Terbalik lah those diapers.. huhuhu)



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