First Semester or Trimester?

Hey ya peeps! After a longggggg hiatus, I am back for another post!

Didn’t I mention how I got enrolled for Masters program and knew at that right moment I’m gonna be loaded with assignments, house chores, clingy toddler, clingy husband and never ending tiredness? Oh yes, it was indeed a hectic first semester I tell you. I never once worked in my whole life. Well, I got married while I was in my final year of Bachelor, didn’t I? How impatient I was. Lol! A few months later, I got pregnant right after the final exams, and all of the puking and fainting happened all over again for 9 whole months. So yes, not a chance of looking for a job. Not to mention how I don’t think the employers would want to hire someone who is about to explode anytime and means they had to give me maternity leave. Less than a year working and already on maternity leave? Dream on, girl.

So, after Adam was born, I got to continue my studies for my Masters at Universiti Putra Malaysia. But he was just a shy 4 months old who still cries whenever he saw mama went away. So, I deferred my semester. One time, then came another 6 months later, Adam was around 10 months old. He walked, he ate solid food, not that clingy anymore. But he still seemed like he needed his mama more. Again, deferred my semester. Twice, and that was my last chance of deferring my registration.

6 months later…

“Adam, I have no more excuses left to leave you just a couple of hours a day anymore. I have to do this!”

There I was, registering myself for my Masters program, as a full time student. Full time student – full time mommy – full time housewife? Tell me about it.

The first two weeks was the most hectic. We called it as ‘shopping time‘ for the students to go to any classes to see if the subjects or the lecturers suit them in terms of teaching style, assignments’ loads, and the class time. Since most of the Masters students are above the age of 30, married and working, the classes start at 3pm to 9pm. At least they get to have a half day at work, and half day at the campus. I was shocked to see I was one of the youngest there. I call everyone mostly with ‘kakak‘ and ‘abang‘. Hehehe..

So, I was lucky enough to have a friend of mine from previous university, which I should have enrolled with her a year ago. And she’s currently in her third semester. Me? Being the freshie, obviously. She helped me a lot from A to Z. From being lost between buildings just to find such a hidden class, to the nearest parking lot to our faculty, yes, indeed she assisted me a lot.

I was always 24/7 at home with my son, waiting for le husband to come back home from work or sometimes we fetch him. Ever since I’ve started studying again, we could feel the distance. We missed each other most of the time. Not to mention how hard it is to see him in a week just because of what he does. Adam seemed to miss his father too. Well, it got better and we got used to it. I definitely can’t even imagine if I had to work 9-5 Monday to Friday. We might never get to see each other again?! Kiddin.. Perhaps it would be once in a fortnight or a month. Lol!

Well, Adam…

I was not that keen to send him to any daycare as I saw cases pilling up about daycare and babies in the news everyday. So, we’ve decided to ask for le husband’s aunt to help us babysit him for a few days a week. Definitely, the first month was the hardest. He started crying whenever he saw the house even before we parked. Such a dramatic boy, he is.. Adam, you really need to behave. I drove 100km a day here and there just to give you the best place to stay while I was away. 100km? Yes, it is true.

I still remembered how my husband was so worried to even let me drive to places of more than 30km return. This time, it was definitely a huge change for both of us. From my house to le husband’s aunt house is about 20km at least – aunt’s house to UPM is about 35km. And in return, total up to 100km a day. Tiring indeed. Oh, I even got stranded by the road once because my car broke down. I was lucky that le husband was at home so he could fetch me. It was my first time! Definitely freaked out, man..

Technically, a great experience to further my study to the next level. I get to know new people especially these people actually worked in different areas and different positions. I even got the chance to get to know the indigenous people here in Malaysia by a CSR program we conducted. Unfortunately I was only able to go there just to survey the place, and unable to join the real program. Why? Lets talk about that later in the next post..


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