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My Poor Sickboy

Last week, Adam suddenly had a fever. I think I literally woke up every hour the first night of his fever. The day before he had fallen ill, we went to Ikea and ate Shanghai satay at Cyberjaya. Later, we spent our quality time at my in-laws. Only that night, a few family members had some cold and husband got infected as well, and then me. I was hoping Adam wouldn't sneeze like us at all.

Too bad, the next morning he didn't have any runny nose or cough, BUT, his body temperature started to elevate. Oh noooooo!


He still drank his milk, still ate his food. And it was easy to get the PCM into his mouth. He fussed, but it wasn't really that bad. So I guess, I would do all the home remedies along with the PCM syrup, and the fever would be goneeeee…by the second day?


He was fine the first day's afternoon. He even danced. He even laughed. He even forced me to sing his 'duck duck' song as usual. Only that night, it was too cold, so I raised the A/C's temp. Ended up, his temp raised up as well. And le husband got home from his midnight flight, and helped me with all the pukes all over our bed, the floor, and everything.

We all went back to sleep, only that I had to keep on monitoring his temp, I couldn't sleep very well. That morning le husband said, if he was still having his fever, then we should rushed to the paediatrician after the Friday prayer. Things got bad, that he refused his milk, he refused his food. Oyyy, I even made you your favourite chicken soup, okay Adam? He only sipped the soup, refused to eat the chicken or the pasta. I couldn't get him any PCM syrup since it couldn't be taken in an empty stomach. I tried giving him PCM suppositories twice – it was a total failure. My first total failure with the supps I guess. He was all whining and crying and squirmy that the supps ended up melted in my hands. My goodness…

He was too tired that he napped in an empty stomach, still refusing his milk. I tried keeping him hydrated by keep on giving him water. By the time he napped, I looked at my house in an empty feeling, and said to myself, 'Good luck. What a foul smell you have here in your house.'

Pukes. All. Over. The. House.

The carpet, the tiles, the couch, the kitchen – you name it.

I ended up only cleaning the pukes, and left all the toys over the floor and the dishes in the sink. I knew that I was too tired to clean the house, so I would just fix the smell before it worsened. The toy sorting can be done later or tomorrow. It ain't easy taking care of a sick child. So I wouldn't stress myself about the tidiness of the house at that time. I need a break when my boy is napping/sleeping. You are no less of a mother when you have a messy home, remember that.

So after le husband got back from his Friday prayer, we headed to the paediatrician clinic nearby. It was Klinik Pakar Kanak-kanak AnNur Nilai. Since I heard good reviews from this clinic, we went there. All of a sudden, Adam started to become playful. He saw kids, he saw mini playground inside the clinic, well, he played right away he stepped his feet inside the clinic. As if he had forgotten about his fever. Lol!

30 minutes later…

He didn't want to play anymore. He fussed again. He wanted to be carried and refused to sit down. Seemed like he knew he was unwell to even play. Lol!

We finally met the doctor. After all the check-ups plus crying, the doctor said it was a only a viral fever. It was 38.9 degree celcius. My oh my… The nurse immediately gave him a supp. Since it was only his second day, we had to keep on monitoring his temp and if it rose up again, we had to give him supp at home. We had to wait one more night to see if the fever went away. If it didn't, the doctor suggested us to go to the hospital to get a blood check done being afraid if it was a serious issues like dengue fever or such.

On the way back home, Adam fell asleep again. Once we arrived home, I kept on sponging his body all over with water and wetted napkins under his armpits and on his head. Note : head, not forehead. I simply keep his hair wet at most times to reduce the temperature of his body. I put a cool fever on the back of his body. By the time he woke up, he seemed a lot better. He danced, just a slight fever left. He started drinking his milk, ate a little (better than nothing), he was a bit cheerful I would say.

The next morning, he was a lot better. Only in the afternoon, he started to have slight fever left since I thought he was okay, and didn't give him his PCM syrup 6 hourly. Seemed I was wrong. I continued giving him the PCM syrup 6 hourly until he seemed more like his usual self.

The next day, we were off on a plane back to my parents' and Adam was running all over the place at airport. Glad that he was fine and able to avoid the blood check and such.

Home remedies for fever :-

  1. Keep hydrated.
  2. Lemon bath. It's good!
  3. Lemon socks.
  4. Sponging technique (head, and both armpits)
  5. No clothes. Diaper only.
  6. Not too warm bath. I bathed him under the running water.
  7. Slice the onion and place in a bowl in every corner of the room. It helps.
  8. For congested nose, use humidifier and the eucalyptus oil.
  9. For food, put a lot of ginger, garlic, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom seeds, and mixed herbs. These are the immune boosting food.
  10. Let the baby sleeps even it is not even his nap time yet. It helps him to recover better while he is resting.



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