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Elmo Theme Party

2 months…

Again, I suck in being consistent here with my posts and such. I was so damn lazy enough to switch on my laptop as there'd be a little monster crying out his lungs to get his hands on my laptop. Hence, the laptop is all dusty by now.

Last April, was Adam's first birthday. I meant to write a post and upload a few pictures, but I kept on delaying and delaying.

Cut it short, we made an Elmo theme party. Adam LOVES his dearest Elmo so much, but not anymore now. Lol! I had a few hands helping me with the candy buffet set up, the cakes, desserts, decorations, and the goody bags.

Oh, we (I) even made him a printed Elmo shirt! Le husband didn't really want the shirt, but I insisted since it was his first birthday and it's sentimental okay? *sobs sobs*

It was just a simple set up, balloons, silly backdrops (RM5.30 only okay?), the Elmo bounting, the food labels, and the rest, all thanks to my friend whom flew 1 hour and 45 minutes to attend this boy's party including my mom and sister who helped in giving ideas too.

I ordered custom made Elmo which surprisingly was marvellous! Birthday cakes are always the common fondant, creamy cheese cakes, but I ordered banana cake and the filling was chocolate ganache. I thought nobody liked it, right after we cut the cake, my husband and I were out of hands. Until, my sisters in law, my sister and some other friends said the cake was delicious! I gave it a try, oh my… I never thought banana cake tasted that marvellously! The baker said, I was the first one to order banana cake with such filling, right after that, she received a bunch of new orders of the same like ours! Hi hi

How I wished I had taken pictures closely all of the decorations that day. I was too busy! Never thought being a host of such occasions could be really that busy. After all, we invited around 150 people (4 hours to entertain them wasn't enough!). Since we moved, we have not have any proper doa selamat yet for our house, hence.

Cut it short…

The day started with Yassin recitation and doa selamat by the Tahfiz. And later the guests started to show up until 3pm. Whoa. Trust me, these pictures were taken in less than a minute. I literally had to call my husband for a minute just to take these pictures then we were back to entertain the guests.

The food was catered by Teratak Warisan Azli (FIL's friend). Superbly delicious! We ordered the nasi tomato with ayam masak merah which most of our guests refilled their plates! My FIL sponsored for kambingbakar, yummehhh! The goody bag for the guests was ordered from Lovely Boutique 4u. I super duper loved the goody bag! Especially the owl theme coin case, they're super cute! Actually, we had another goody bag for the kids, but it didn't cross my mind to snap a picture of it. Thanks to the Pinterest, I found a few ideas for the kids' goody bag. Inside it, there were a couple of Elmo's drawing sheet, a few crayons, and inside the coin case, there were candies! Too bad I do not have the pictures of them. Hmmm..

Anyhow, we've decided our next event will be in 10 years time (if there's any. Lol!!). Now I know how tiring it is to host such event. We invited our family and friends, even it was only 150 people, my goodness, the tiredness was no kid, I tell you. Last raya, husband begged me for another open house and I was like, "I have yet recovered from Adam's party and you're asking me for an open house?!" Blerghhh..

One thing learned, get helpers! We tried to get some helpers around but it turned out that day was the peak day of majlis/party/celebration. So we couldn't get any. I guess that was the major reason of our tiredness.

Anyhow, I enjoyed doing such event where I could get to know the neighbors, our parents get to meet their long lost friends (yeapp, it was a bit of a reunion. Lol!) and definitely where families and relatives meet each other.

Till next time.




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