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Calming, I am Calming

These few nights, poor husband had some flu and low grade of fever (thanks to him for always being a workaholic and changing weathers here and there), so he decided to kindly isolate himself from sleeping with Adam and I. Which is a bit better, since Adam has not entirely sleeping through the night, I was afraid that le husband would not recover well if his sleep gets disturbed from Adam’s eek eek at night wanting for his nightfeedings. Yes I know, it was not a big deal as a sick person always gone knocked out sleeping at night but I was afraid I was the one sleeping soundly that le husband had to give Adam his nightfeed. Lol!! 

Finally, le husband almost recovers from his sickness and I know how he misses to be in the same bed with us (yeap, we are proudly admitting that we co-sleep), only then…

I was about to go to the toilet and Adam suddenly cried for me watching me going away. I thought he was fine because, he usually is. While I was in the toilet…

1 minute

Uwaaaaaa!! Uwaaaaa!!

2 minutes..

Uwaaaaaaaa!! Uwaaaaaaa!!

3 minutes…


Okay. That’s it. He wants me, not his daddy. 

I got out as fast as I could and saw le husband tried his best to comfort him, and Adam just cried his lungs out with eyes closed. “Oh man.. That is terrible!” I said to myself.

The moment I held Adam in my hand, he kept quiet and continued sleeping. 

Le husband was like, “Urghhh fine. He doesn’t wants me anymore.” And off to bed, he was. So does Adam, and I. Looks like Adam has forgotten that his daddy should be by my side instead of him. Hmmm. 

Calming, I am. It’s good to be a calming person somehow. Bahahahhaa! 


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