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How to Make Anchovies powder?

Once a baby reaches 8 months old, you may start introducing a little bit of taste in the solid food. As for me, to get a natural salty taste without using processed salt, I make anchovies powder. 

Many may not know how to make anchovies powder that can last long. It’s a bit of a hardwork if you keep on doing it everytime you’re making a meal. I love doing it in a bulk! 

Here are the steps with pictures. 


Clean the anchovies as in separating the body and the head. Keep the body, omit the head.
Anchovies can be a little too salty for beginners that have yet been introduced to any salty food. So I soak it in water for a few minutes. The longer, the better.
Strain the anchovies.
While waiting for the anchovies to be a little bit dry, pre heat the sauce pan WITHOUT oil. Set to a medium heat.
Stir fry the anchovies. Keep on stiring. Or else it would get burned.
Well, this is what it looks like when it is almost ready. No longer wet, almost fully dried up from the heat.
Use a dry blender, and blend the anchovies.
So here’s the outcome! If it is still warm, wait till it cools down and then you may place it in the fridge.


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