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Travelling with a Baby

Whoah, it has been a while since my last post. I’ve been wanting to write a post, BUT, having an early walker baby, I’m just too tired to even charge my phone! 

Currently, Adam is sleeping, in a plane, and the only time that I have nothing else to do except looking at his innocent face sleeping in my arm. So, here’s my chance to write a post! 

Today marks Adam’s 11th time on a plane. And we’re planning to do a long haul flight this coming July. The first 3 times flying with Adam, I always had a company flying with us, either my husband or my family. The fourth time, was the beginning of me flying alone with Adam. I freaked out until we got on the plane and landed, soundly! Why I said soundly? Because Adam slept soundly on the flight. Lol! 

Here are a few tips for those who long to travel, but think travelling with a baby is hard. Check it out! 

  1. Pressure. Everyone is afraid of the pressure during take off and landing. So did I. Adam’s first flight was when he was just a tiny little baby at 21 days old! I asked his paeditrician was it okay for him to fly that young/early? She confirmed me that it was okay. So that eased me a bit. The trick was to breastfeed/bottle feed/pacifier. The sucking motion during breastfeeding/bottle feeding/having a pacifier on reduces the pressure in the eardrum. If the baby has fallen asleep during the feeding, wake him up by knocking the pacifier to let him suck more. Well, that’s what I did.
  2. Diaper. Clean diaper. Everytime before boarding the plane, I always change him at the gate. So he’d be more comfortable during the whole flight! 
  3. Flight time. If your baby is an easy sleeper, that can easily fall asleep anywhere, then that’s not a big problem to go on a flight at any time of the day. But, it is advisable not to take the early morning flight as the parent and even the baby tend to be a lot more tired. Or even late night flight because it would ruin the sleep routine (Oh no, I’m on a night flight right now. No choice, had to take this flight anyhow). As hard as I try to get Adam on a sleep routine, I definitely dont want to ruin that. Let’s see how it’ll goes tonight after the flight. Will he sleep straight away or he’d be wide awake later on? Hmmm. Anyway, it is preferable to choose the flight time which you think is your LO nap/sleep time. So they’d sleep the entire flight and so do you!
  4. So your LO (little one) is an active baby, so you’re worried if he might disturb the passenger next to you. Well, I always ask for a window seat. At least he’d be occupied with the window instead of disturbing another man eating his meal. The cons, it’s hard to go to the toilet. I know. 
  5. Baby bassinet. Do you know that every aeroplane has bassinets? We used that for a few times when he was a newborn. It helps the parents even more! I know how tiring it is to let your baby sleep in your arm for the entire flight. The cons; you have to take your baby back in your arms when there’s a turbulence. So, you might wake your baby up. Your call.
  6. Stroller. Okay, how does a stroller helps in the aeroplane? It doesn’t. But it helps you a lot to go to the gate. Ofcourse with a baby, you have a diaper bag. How do you suppose to carry a baby, a diaper bag, a handbag with you to the gate and pass the immigration? Well, that looks hard momma! Get a stroller. Any kind of stroller would do because the stroller would be placed in the cargo, not the overhead compartment. So no worries. You can run with your baby at the airport if you’re late! Lol!
  7. Active baby, again. Even an active baby has his/her favorite toy! So dont forget to bring it along the flight. It helps a lot 😉
  8. Food. Baby foooooodddd. Crackers, or anything. As long as your LO is full. A full tummy, is a happy baby. So you wouldn’t want a cranky crying baby throughout your flight dont you? 
  9. Baby is bottle fed, but any form of liquid isn’t allowed through the security clearance. Dont worry, you may ask water from the air crew once you’re on the plane. If the plane goes delayed, there are a few shops at the boarding hall that you can ask/buy for just a few ounces of water. 

Well, these are what I can think of as now. My battery is draining! 

He’s asleep now

Till next time. 



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