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Colic Remedies

Voilaaaaaa! Again, another motherly post from me. This is what happens when you are a fulltime SAHM (stay at home mom) and a wifey. Your everyday starts with your family, and ends with your family by the end of the day. 

Adam turned 9 months on the 21st. And another achievement of Adam? He walked! YES. THAT WALK. Not baby steps anymore. He started walking when he was 8 months and a half, and now, being 9 months and 7 days, he’s wayyyyyy loving the fact that he can walk on his feet instead of crawling on all four! 

Okay back to the story. Colic. Yes colic. Colic is supposedly to be gone by around 3 months or less. Exactly. Isn’t Adam 9 months of age? Yes he is. The thing is, he’s 9 months and eating solid. I’m aware a few food that can cause colic, but not all of them! 

I have been giving Adam peas 3 days in a row. First night, yes a little bit of colic. I massaged him a little, then he was back asleep. Second night, another colic. Again, I massaged him, and he was back to sleep once again. The third night, he went to bed at 9.30pm and later at 11pm, I joined him. 11.46pm, he started to feel uneasy again. I thought after another miracle massage, he’d be okay. Wrong. He was up until 4am. Bear in mind, I just slept for like 46 minutes and had to entertain his fussiness in the middle of the night ALONE (husband was not around). 

He wants to sleep, but he was feeling uneasy to fall asleep. And oh noooo.. He pooped in the middle of the night! Definitely a tummy problem. Around 2.30am, I remembered I had the Dentinox Colic Drops which I’ve gotten it when he was around a month old for his colic. We never used it before. I gave him the amount recommended for his age, and he was back to sleep. And later at 3.30am, which I was still struggling to sleep (I’m a bit imsoniac), he cried like he was in pain. Had to soothe him a bit, turned on the light, let him to watch cartoon, and nothing works. Then I fed him, he was feeling okay, only then I was able to put him to bed. He was tired himself, the colic was giving him a lot of pain and uneasiness to sleep somehow. 

Thank Goodness, he slept up until 10am, which I’m glad because I need my sleep as well! Le husband got back home and got locked outside the room since I locked my room. He was lucky not to be locked outside of the house anyway. Lol!! 

So, I bought a few ‘weapons’ today, for me to fight a battle with his colic tonight. Hopefully he would sleep soundly tonight since I didn’t feed him any solid up until now. I fed him brocoli the other day, he only had a little bit of colic. Not as much as when he had peas. Definitely gonna stay away from colicky food from now on. 

My armory; Gripe water by Woodwards, Bebiku telon oil and tiger balm for his massage essentials, Himalaya’s Eucalyptus coldbalm which I used for his cold, and that’s the Dentinox Colic Drops
But Mama still loves you, Adam 😉

Till next time.




2 thoughts on “Colic Remedies

  1. Salam! I enjoy reading your blog 🙂 Do those things that you bought help when he gets colicky? My baby just turned 4mo but she seems to cry more now (she wasn’t such a crier earlier on),


    1. Wassalam. Thank you for reading my blog! 😄 yes those things worked like wonders! Only the gripe water, use it when your baby gets colic. It works for teething as well. And actually there’s a way to massage babies which I forgot to attach in this post. Hope your baby is doing well after doing these remedies!

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