Baby Sleep Train

Didn’t I mention how sleep deprived I was with my baby (it wasn’t always, but it sucks)? Adam turned 8-months a few days ago, and guess what, we’re still at my mom’s! We were supposed to be back home on last Dec 18th, apparently my husband had not enjoy his beauty solid sleep long enough to welcome us just yet. So here we are, extending our stay at nana’s! The good thing is, I was able to sleep train Adam with the help of my mom. Now I know how important a good sleep train is. Before having a child who is considered as sometimes a bad sleeper and sometimes an angel sleeper, I was wondering why must parents sleep train? It’s like, they’re babies. Don’t they sleep anytime anywhere they want? Then it hit me right on my nose! BANGGG! I have a baby now! And then another banggg on my nose again, the sleep regression is coming in! Okay okay, I get it. Sleep train it is. 

I read everywhere saying the younger the baby is, the better to start the sleep train. But sleep train ain’t easy when you aren’t living in your house, tbh. I remember how easy my baby was to fall asleep. No need to rock him, no need to pat him to sleep, not even needing the swing! He’d fall asleep just when I put him down in his crib or in my bed. But it was later being ruined. I thought I was not such a big of a deal when my in laws put him to sleep with being held, but the consequences came later.

 Babies gain weight, dont they? And it’s torturing me to put him to sleep being held all the time, which at one point, he wanted only mama to put him to sleep. Yes, it was tiring as ever. This was the first one. Second, I cried almost everyday telling my husband how tired I was, I can no longer do that anymore. Then we agreed to put him into a swing. Which leads to another consequences – he barely can sleep without a swing! And with the assist of the swing, he wasn’t in a sleep routine. He sleeps and wakes up whenever he feels like it. So, that’s a no no.

Sleep training is all about telling the babies’s body about a routine. Wake at a certain time, sleep at a certain time. Not to forget how many times a day a baby should nap and etc. 

I didn’t know how important sleep train was until Adam’s insane sleep routine took over our sleep and time. Knowing my husband, whenever Adam has something to be ‘fixed’ (like this sleep training and how Adam loves being held before), he’d send us back to my mom’s. As magic as it sounds, it always turned out well! 

Slowly, we helped Adam to change his sleeping schedule. It is a must to nap 3 times a day (1-1.5 hour), and sleep at around 9pm-10pm and wakes up the next morning around 8am. We didn’t succeed in doing the sleep training only, we also managed to let him only have one dream feed instead of 3 within 12 hours! 

Was it easy? No. It needs a lot of patience. Adam was used to sleep at 12am or 1am and sometimes even 2am! When he slept at 12am, we woke him up early, but not too early. Remember, a baby needs 15 hours of sleep a day. And later, ensure him to nap 3 times a day. He wakes up and plays for around 1.5-2 hours, then put him to nap. I let him to nap not more than 2 hours. Once all 3 naps were completed, the fourth time should be his bedtime. After a few days, he got used to it! 

Again, let me emphasize once and for all, it’s all about routine. Have you ever heard of baby massage? I only heard of it a month after I gave birth! Not only it helps the babies with colic, it’s also a way to get a baby into a routine. Like how I did, everytime before bedtime, no matter how struggles Adam is to even dress up, or even get a massaging time for him, I still do so. It’s like telling a baby that, “Okay boy. It’s time for your bedtime, you need to get ready for your bed.” kinda thing. Some people give warm bath before bedtime, which I dont. I only do warm bath when he cries for no reason in the middle of the night. Amazingly, it soothes and calms him down most of the time. And went straight to bed right away. I said MOST of the time, not all of the time. When he was teething in pain and crying, the warm bath didn’t work at all. Lol! 

The infant massage

Well, till next time again!




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