Avocado puree (manually without any blender)

So, it has been so long since my last post. I did have the urge to write something then something had been delaying me from doing so.

Anyhow, I am still at my mom’s due to my husband’s definitely-busy-with-no-spare-time schedule this month. Adam and I were supposed to go back this Sunday, guess what, dearest husband asked if I wanted to extend my stay here at my mom’s? I bet he wants to enjoy his solid-uninterrupted sleep as long as he can. Lol. The pros – we both can at least get our solid sleep (Adam sleeps with his grandma, so yeayyy mama gets to sleep! Hihi), and with more sleep = less stress = less arguments. The last time we saw each other for the first time after for so long was the FIRST time for Adam’s worst sleep regression. So yeah, we didn’t exactly enjoy our sleep, not to mention how cranky we both were because of the deprivation, and yes, we fought a lot indeed. Lesson learnt; husband wants me to stay here to get our sane mind back at where it was, and enough rest! 

Goshhhhh… I’m strayed away from the title! Avocado.. Yes the puree!

As I said, I’m still at my mom’s. How’s Adam’s solid food? Did I bring my blender along? Nahhh I didn’t. Tbh, Adam has not tried every food properly yet. As in the 4 days rule and such. As of now, the only thing he LOVES the most is avocado, and that’s the only thing I brought to my mom’s. He’s 7.5 months, so he still needs to eat a smooth consistency food and how did I do so without the blender? Here’s how I did!

This is a portion of 3 avocados. So I cut these in halves first thing first.

I scooped everything into a bowl.

So here’s how it goes manually, I used a STRAINER! Yes a strainer 😉

I always add on a little water into Adam’s avocado to create the right consistency that Adam likes the most

Mix the water properly with the avocado. I used a fork which at the same time I tried squashing ’em.

So here comes the strainer! I didn’t put all at once. In this picture, it was around 2 tbsp of the avocado mixed with water.

Squashing time! Squash.. Squash..

Done! Hihi

And then I realized I didn’t bring Adam’s solid containers as well. So I used the cubes. This was the first time I used the ice cube method.

And I wrapped ’em all to ensure the cleanliness and avoiding the bacterias! Shuhhh shuhhh

Froze and popped out!

And I divided into different plastic bags with 5 cubes in each of these.

All the best!


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