Makeups oh Makeups

SK-ii or Mac Lightful?

Before I tied the knot with le husband, I’ve been using SK-ii but only the basic essentials; the facial treatment essence and the facial treatment clear lotion. Using only these two actually gave a big change to my face!

I was not that flawless before using one, but those blemishes on my face really did make me felt self-conscious to go out without any makeup on. I’ve heard good reviews about SK-ii so I tried the trial kit which lasts for a month. It worked on me! So then, hello big bottles of SK-ii! Teeheeee.. 

These pictures were taken when I was using the SK-ii.. Some with makeups on, some with some light makeups.. The one I had without anything on my face was without my hair being covered, so too bad.. Huhu

And when I got pregnant, I became as lazy as hell! Lol.. Maybe it’s because I was being pregnant with a boy, so they said, when carrying a boy, you’d become less fashionista or prefer to go bareface, like a boyish or something like that, well yeah, that happened to me. I even only wore a sweatshirt, slipper, my black bawal tudung, and went out. Yeap definitely the most selekeh I’ve ever been. Haha

So now since I’ve given birth, suddenly the urge to become pretty, look well dressed hit me. I started continue to use the SK-ii back again. Trust me, it aint that easy peasy when you have a 7-month old boy who crawls around the house the minute you sat in front of the dressing table. Hmmm

Yeapp definitely need a lot of things on my face to look that au naturel. This is me without using any SK-ii..

But then again, a good friend of mine gave a positive review on the Mac Lightful. And I feel interested to see the price is a lot more affordable compared to the SK-ii set. Not to mention, my good friend is a GUY! He had pimpls, acne and blemishes on his face back when we were a student. But now, voilaaaaaa! Kalahhh Miss Malaysia noksss.. Serious I’m telling you this, I was surprised to see his improvement! Well, that happens a lot to my friends. Before becoming an air crew and after becoming an air crew, all of them got a lot of impressing changes! 

So, should I stick with SK-ii or should I try the Mac Lightful? 

I was wondering if MAC has a trial set for their Lightful product in Malaysia? Hmmm

Till then!




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