Luggage went missing.. Eh?

We travel a lot. Even before I got pregnant, I was always on the go to follow anywhere my husband goes when he was on duty. He’s a paid traveller, and I’m a nosy traveller. Hikhik 

One thing about my husband, he hates to check in the luggage. Before we had a baby, the smaller the luggage, the better it is. So it fits the overhead compartment! Now, it’s hard to not check in the luggage with another little person on the go as well. One big size of a luggage, only for the little one’s diapers and food! 

We flew most of the times with Malaysia Airlines. Out of the days, yesterday was the first time we had our luggage missing. I went to the toilet first and saw the MAS baggage service on the other side, and I was like, “Ohh so here is where everyone goes for the missing luggage.” I was waiting and waiting until the guy behind the wall said there was no more luggage left, I was like, “Grrrrrrr“. Very unfortunate for me, indeed.

Should I say lucky? Lucky because I was not the only one. Hihi. But, had to wait for 30 minutes because had to take turns to make a report. And I was the last! Guess what, I was the only female there and the rest were male passengers! Why didnt you guys be a gentleman and let me go first? Huwarhhhhh tripler stress!!! 

Then came my turn, and when I mentioned the tag number on my missing luggage, the person said, “Oh your bag is otw here.” I was like, eh how come? Then he explained my luggage was one of those unfortunate luggages that tripped aside while reloading. And when the ground handling staff saw my luggage, my plane had already pushed back on the runaway. Pity my back. Huhu

So they took an immediate action by getting my bag on the next flight. Yeayyy! 

Moral of the story :-

  1. I am very disappoined that my luggage went missing. 
  2. Glad that the ground handling staff took an immediate action.
  3. My luggage was really in an unfortunate situation. 

So, no one is to be blamed. If only when I did my report and the PIC said “oh your bag is still in KLIA and will only be sent here once you do a report” statement will definitely pisses me off right away. Mehhhh

However, I pity those who actually lost their bags after a connecting flights from othe international airports. That’d take DAYSSS for them to get their bags again. Luckily mine was only from a domestic flight. 

Till next time!




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