Diet,exercise,weight loss

Less sleep, gain more weight

Well said. I’ve been wondering why was it when I was at my mom’s, it was that easy peasy to shed some weight. Yes, I eat less. Or at least I eat rice once a day. 

Now it makes more sense. When I’m at my mom’s, my baby sleeps with her. So obviously, I had been having a quite uninterrupted full of solid sleep. Which even makes me to lose more weight from exercising and also from my diet.

Unfortunately, ever since my baby is having his 8 month sleep regression, this so called momma wanna diet has also been having another regression as well. So hello again sleep deprivation! So I tend to become more stress when he does not sleep during the night, he fusses during the day. Safe to say, I stress, I also eat. And my body is so damn tired to even hold the skipping rope at least. Not to mention other cardios that I’ve been doing. 

I really really really need to lose weight. And I really really need my sleep.


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