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The day our little bundle of joy arrived

Adam; our little bundle of joy.

Didn’t I mention in my older post that I was induced before going for my graduation day? Yes, here’s the storyline.

Ever since I hit the third trimester, my monthly check up became the weekly check up. Only this time I went to only one check up as in one gynae only. Since I got pregnant, I went to two different check ups; the government clinic and the private hospital. Malaysian momma would know why we still need to go to the government clinics for check up. You don’t? Alright. Here’s the thing. Even if you insist on going to ONLY the private gynae, should anything happens during the delivery, the private hospitals do not have their own blood bank. Only the government does. The private hospitals CAN ask the government for the blood, BUT only for the patient that the government has record of being pregnant. The only way for the government to know a momma having a record is only by the momma herself going for the check ups at any of the government clinic by registering the red card (I wonder why is it called the red card. It’s pink!!) So, I did go to the government clinic as well for my monthly check up. Only my third trimester I went to only one check up. I couldn’t walk a lot, so two check ups in a week? No, thanks!

Okay back to the story!

On my 37th week check up, our little bub was healthy and weighted at 3.1kg. So nothing to worry about. Untillll the week after! 😱

On my 38th week check up, our little bub weighted 3.4kg. And the diameter of his head was 9.7cm. The doctor said it was barely borderline for me to have a normal delivery if I waited for my due to come. So she asked us while I was still lying on the bed, “So what do you want to do now? To be induced or wait?” My husband quickly asked from behind, “What’s your opinion, doctor? We’ll just go along only with your opinion.” And I was looking at him being so excited to meet his son.

The doctor replied, “My opinion is to induce because of the head is now 9.7cm. If you wait, it might gonna be hard for a normal delivery.” 

So we all sat on the chairs later. My husband asked again, “So if to be induced, when would it be?” 

The doctor said, “The earliest is tomorrow.” I was like, gulpppppp!!

And my sweetest husband ever agreed asap without asking me. Huwarghhhhh! “Tomorrow? Okay settttt doctor! Tomorrow is great!” And I was sitting there like a mannequin, being silent. Didn’t know that I was tearing. Perhaps I was too nervous to know that I was gonna feel the labour pain.

So we went back. Husband told his parents about the plan, and I called my mom and booked her ticket right away. Despite of being nervous, I did the final preparation for everything. The air selusuh, my hospital bag, and not to forget, asking forgiveness from everyone. Going into labour is like a ticket to die. The pain comes second after the pain of death. (Oh my God. I made this sounds so wrong. Lol) so who knows that I might not gonna make it right? Nobody knows.

So on the day itself; April 21st,2016

We went to Columbia Asia Hospital, Seremban. Went straight away to the labour room. Changed my clothes. (The I realized that was real!) 

The doctor came in at 9.25am and did a VE on me and say I was 1cm dilated. Her face was delighted saying, “Alhamdulillah. It’s 1cm dilated. Inshaa Allah you’ll be able to deliver today.” Then she put in the pill into my vajayjay and I waited ‘patiently’ for the pain to come.

Time passed by. I even called my mommy at 11.30am asking how is the right way to push to avoid massive tearing. Haha

By 1.30pm, I started to feel the pain. Like a bit more than the period pain which I could still endure. My husband even helped me dance. Yes, dance. I’ve watched in the youtube when that lady was having labour pain, so the husband helped her by dancing romantically. Come on, that was gonna be our last chance to be romantic before our little bub arrives. So my husband held me and we danced a bit.

But then the pain started to be unbearable.

2.30pm : I asked the nurse to check if I was dilating more. Unfortunately it was only 2cm. Okay 2cm since the past few hours. The only thing I could think of was 1cm equals to 1 hour. And since I only dilated another cm after a few hours, I knew it was gonna be a longggggg day.

2.45pm : I asked my SIL to open the bottle of the air selusuh. I’ve read somewhere saying that when the bottle is left opened, it helps the woman in labour to dilate more. (Yes I know a bit superstitious but trying means no harm isnt it?).

2.50pm : Husband brought me to walk around the hospital. Take note, with the pain, I barely can even move a step. From the room I was in the labour room, to the door, it was like a mile away. I was already giving up telling my husband I just want to lay down. But he insisted and made it to bring me out of the labour room. I think I walked less than 20 steps, then I sat down and told my husband that I couldnt walk anymore. Luckily there was a bench or else I’d rather sitting on the floor as long as I was not moving anymore! So he brought me in and again, each step was a nightmare. Huwarghhhhh!

3.30pm : The doctor came in to check on me and my dilation process, and her face seemed excited, “Alhamdulillah. It’s 5cm now. Now I’m gonna put it another pill inside.” Once I heard it was already 5cm, I felt relieved but also in a great pain. The doctor asked if I would like any pain medication such as epidurals or gas or the pain killer. I decided to give in and asked for the gas and pain killer. Later the nurse started to prepare me to move me to another bigger labour room.

4.00 pm : I think this was when they had to find my vein to give me antibitiocs (because I’m a GBS carrier) and then they gave me pain killer. Whooop! I fell asleep (snooring) even with the pain. My husband slept too. Pity him being tired of waiting with me.

5.15pm : The nurse came in and asked me to lay down on my left side to let the oxygen flows to the baby. Then my husband said he was going to go back for his Asar prayer and he’ll be back soon.

Jengjengjeng. The pain was increasing. All I know since 2pm, the contraction was closer as in 2-3 minutes apart.

5.30pm : I told the nurse that I was in such pain and she did the VE and said I was only 7cm dilated. Oh Godddd how long will it takes to be fully dilated?

5.45pm : My husband came, and he had his shower back home! Starting from there I kept on telling the nurse that I cant hold on anymore. I even peed on the bed! (Oopssy!) the nurse VE-d me again and I was 8cm.

6.00pm : I told the nurse that I want to push. I was sweating and told my husband it was hot and God knows wherever he did get the paper to cool me down.

6.10pm : The nurse helped me to fully dilated. They told me to push. My husband and I were a bit freaked out because we were expecting our gynae to deliver our baby and not the nurses, no offence. I tried to push 3 times but I was screaming so yes, I got tired even more.

Later the doctor appeared and even did a thumb up to my husband for cooling me down. LOL. The nurses tied my feet up. I tried to push again but failed because I screamed. Then the doctor did an episiotomy to me, so I pushed, without any voice, but I couldnt because I was out of breathe. I was tired. And my last push, I took a deep breathe and pushed until I heard the cries. I said “Allahu akbar” once our baby was out.


Adam was in the NICU because he got infected during labour

Why was he in the NICU? Till next post!




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