Yihaaaa for my first post!

Placeholder ImageHey peeps! So, this is my first time using the WordPress as a blog site. I used to blog before, like way way way back in 10 years back. But, I was using blogger and since I couldn`t log into my old blogs, here I am, giving a shot for WordPress.

Why blogging again?

  1. As many things happened over the years, some are remembered, some are permanently forgotten, so I think blogging is a way to reminisce things that happened before, hence, hello there great grandchildren! Here’s your grandma blogging in her 20s. LOL
  2. Since there were many memories being forgotten, I`d love to keep what I have now. Especially now that I am married to my awesome husband and a mother to our superboy (yes I call him superboy because he is always over the places). These two make me think, “I really need to blog things happen in our house everyday!” LOL everyday? In your dream momma. So, be prepared peeps, yes, it is definitely gonna be a blog of overly attached mommy and wifey!
  3. Well, urmmm, I couldn`t think of others as of now.

P/s : I’m a Malaysian, so things I post here might gonna be in dual language aka rojak language.

Till next time.




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